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Factory iPhone 5s/5C IMEI Unlocking: Questions and Answers

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Unlock iPhone 5 for Maximum Usage at Minimum Expense

If you own an iPhone 5 already you must be aware of the terms such as jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone 5. By unlocking you get rid of the control the official carrier of Apple has over your iPhone. By jailbreaking you get the power to download applications outside of the App Store. This is the simplest way in which the concept of jailbreaking and unlocking could be explained. You should know the reasons as to why you should Unlock iPhone 5.

Internet browsing has really become an indispensable part of cell phone usage. Unlike a few years back when only a part of the total mobile phone subscribers phone used to have internet on their phones; today every cell phone user has a subscription to some internet pack or the other. And the internet charges by the official carriers are often high. iPhone users who frequently travel to different countries or places complain about the high roaming rates and how they are tired of paying phone bills. All these things can be solved only when you Unlock iPhone 5.

Once you unlock your iPhone 5 you get the freedom you use any carrier of your choice on your iPhone 5. You are not bound to subscribe to the official carrier anymore. You can continue using the official carrier connection. But, you always have the freedom to take some other connection or change the SIM card when you go to some other country. Contrary to what a lot of you might be thinking, unlocking is not illegal. Evidently, Apple and its carrier discourages unlocking or jailbreaking of iPhone. But you should know that unlocking your iPhone 5 is 100 safe and very much reliable.

Unlocking is not a complicated procedure. Do not fear that your iPhone 5 will be damaged if you get it unlocked. You should know that neither is it complicated nor is it risky. The only thing unlocking does is free you from all the official carrier related complications and allows you to choose how much you pay for using your iPhone. When you have an unlocked iPhone you can subscribe to a pay as you go plan and pay only as much as you are using.

Now, you must have heard about the terms factory unlock and non-factory unlock. Factory unlock is when you get your iPhone 5 legitimately unlocked by Apple. A non-factory unlock is the usage of an hacking technique to unlock the iPhone that was originally locked when purchased. And it goes without saying that the former is more reliable and stable. You just need to find a reliable service that unlocks your iPhone with the IMEI number of your iPhone 5 that you would need to provide. These iPhone 5 unlock services would make the update on the Apple database itself and no changes are made to the hardware or software of the phone. Hence, you are assured that your iPhone is 100 safe and you only experience the benefits of a factory unlocked iPhone 5.

Why You Need to unlock your iPhone 5S / 5C

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the iPhone 5 is the only high-selling smartphone that Apple has to offer. Even though it is currently the most recent model that is available, the iPhone 5S has still been able to turn quite a few heads. There are still thousands of people that are making the transition from their current cell phones to the world of Apple by choosing the iPhone 5S as their gateway device. It may be rather difficult for the average consumer to understand exactly what is so great about the iPhone 5S, especially if they are not currently familiar with Apple models and mobile devices overall. However, there are several advantages that can be fully enjoyed simply by making the decision to purchase this revolutionary model.

The Advantages of the iPhone 5S

unlocking iphone 5cThe Apple iPhone 5S was able to raise the bar even higher when it comes to performance, speed, efficiency and quality overall in the world of smartphones. This was truly surprising simply because of the fact there was a substantial number of customers and critics that did not believe this was even possible after the monumental success of its predecessor, the Apple iPhone 3.

However, the iPhone 5S is so much better than the iPhone 3 in a wide variety of different ways.

Along with having a sharper, crisper high-definition screen resolution, the iPhone 5S worked much faster and quicker than its predecessor. It was an overall better package than many other comparable models from competing brands as well, not just previous iPhone models. Even though there were so many different advantages that came with the iPhone 5S, there were also quite a few disadvantages that needed to be taken into consideration as well. There was one in particular that stands out the most.

The Power of unlocking

By making the decision to unlock your iPhone 5S, you will be able to put yourself in a position that the vast majority of iPhone owners will never be able to possess. This is simply because there are just so many different features and benefits that can be explored if you decide to unlock your iPhone 5S than if you just leave it the way that it came after being developed and programmed by the factory. What exactly does it mean to unlock your iPhone 5S in the first place?

As mentioned earlier, there are many things that you just cannot do within the standard iOS because Apple has placed key restrictions and limitations within the system that effectively prevent you from doing so. There are certain settings that you just cannot change regardless of how badly you may want to change them. There is a wide variety of applications and programs that Apple will not allow you to download onto your phone that are just waiting for you to access them within the catalog of the iTunes Store.

The iPhone 5S was already designed to be a highly efficient model that leaves so many of the leading models from competing brands in the dust. However, you are able to expand that horizon even further by unlocking your iPhone 5S, unlocking a maximum level of efficiency and performance that is not available otherwise.

What You Should Know Before You unlock an iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is still currently on the best-selling smartphones on the market today even though it was originally released back in 2010. In most cases, advancing technology seems to completely dominate the models and devices that they have replaced over time. For example, think about how many people are still listening to portable CD players in comparison to the number of people that either have MP3 players or are using their smartphones to play MP3s instead.

The iPhone 5S was able to bend that rule. It is still being sold and purchased even though there have been two different models that have been released since then – including the iPhone 5SS and 5. Many consumers have obviously just been able to be extremely happy with what the iPhone 5S can provide them. However, it is only the people that have made the decision to unlock their iPhone 5S that have been able to use it freely without any barriers, restrictions and limitations.

In order to understand the basic concept of unlocking your iPhone 5S, all that you have to do is think about the basic scenario of an actual unlock. When a prisoner is locked up, they have limited freedom and rights. Even though they are still able to do quite a few different things, there are still quite a lot of things that they are not able to do at all. If they are able to successfully complete a unlock, however, they have fought against the system and won their freedom back. Therefore, they are able to have full access to the world around them and do whatever they please.

The Meaning of unlocking Your iPhone 5S

You have to keep that scenario in mind in order to fully understand the concept of unlocking your iPhone 5S, because it works the same way. With a standard version of the iOS that is currently installed and running within your iPhone, you are basically a prisoner that is locked up within the Apple prison. You have very limited freedom and rights within that system.

There are quite a few things that you are able to do – including downloading programs and applications, saving certain files and making specific changes to settings and other options. However, there is a lot more that you cannot do as well. Once you have been able to successfully unlock your iPhone 5S, though, you will have fought against the Apple iOS and won your freedom back. unlocking your iPhone 5S allows you to have full access and freedom within the realm of the iOS so you can do whatever you please.

Why You Should unlock Your Phone

at&t iPhone 5s unlockingThe iPhone 5S is capable of doing so much more than the standard iOS will allow it do, but you will never be able to experience a fraction of that freedom without taking the chance to unlock your iPhone 5S. If you are happy with everything that the operating system currently provides you, then you more than likely would not see the need to make any changes. You probably are excited and pleased with exactly what you have. The odds are, though, that this is not the case. Even though the iPhone 5S is able to do a lot, it is also able to do a lot more after you have taken the necessary steps to unlock this particular model. The average iPhone user wants to have full access and freedom within their mobile device, which is something that only unlocking the iPhone 5S can provide them.&

Apple will more than likely continue to build on their successful reputation of providing quality mobile devices that continue to raise the bar of expectation over time. The iPhone 5 will not be the newest model that is currently available within the world of Apple iPhones for very much longer. However, there will continue to be people enjoying the efficiency and performance of their Apple iPhone 5SS. This is especially the case if you have already been able to experience the advantageous modifications that are only made available through taking the steps necessary to unlock your iPhone 5S.

Users Can Enjoy Using Software For Unlock Iphone 5s

Iphones is the leaders in the world of mobiles. It is developed by the Apple incorporation. It runs iOS software. The apple has launched successfully its mobile till its sixth generations. Iphone 5s is the most updated versions among the Iphones. The Iphones are known for its customers friendly applications. The Iphones are most impressive among the youngsters because of its number of applications that are incorporated. But the major disadvantage lies in the fact that the iphone only works with the AT & T software. This restricts the users in accessing the phone through other networks. However for some personal purpose the iphone is default locked restricting the customers from using it. Due do these users are unable to enjoy several other applications. However there is many several software’s that is available to unlock the iphone. Iphone 5s are one of the successors of iphone 5.
The difference between them lies in the mild corrections in their appearance that the volume and the mute buttons are raised a little higher in the iphone 5s. Also, there are several differences in the hardware sessions. The camera, the processor, graphics, storage, video, network, data, Bluetooth, battery that are used in iphone 5s are different from iphone 5s. To unlock iPhone 5S helps the users to access on other networks and enjoy humpy of applications. We can unlock or jailbreak it without affecting its internal functions. This process of unlocking the iphone 5s is completely a legal act. By unlocking the iphone it is not necessary for users to change their phone in case of travelling to foreign country. The only thing they can do is just to change the Sim, and they will be billed for roaming.
Jail breaking is a process to unlock iphone 5s that rub the limitations of Apple devices running the iOS operating system. Jail breaking permits root access to iOS operating system that allows downloading additional applications, extensions and themes that are available in the market. Some of the reasons why the users jail break are use of third party applications, use of handsets on multiple carriers, early exploit fixes, security, privacy stability. Some of the software that aids in unlocking is absinthe, blackra1n, corona, evasi0n, freenpois0n, jailbreak, limera1n, pwnage tool, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, seas0npass, spirit, Rocky Racoon. There are also several program developers that offer free unlocking software, but it is not guaranteed. One of the companies offering free unlock software are SAM.

Unlock iphone never allows the users to lose any applications instead they pave the way to add many applications. Unlock your iphone 5s are a practice that are left to the expertise for successful installation for longer period but now this can be done by anyone who had personal computers with the net connected with it. Anyone can unlock iphone 5s by simply downloading the free unlock software or purchase an unlock software and by following the instructions given over there. Steps followed to unlock iphone 5ss are firstly, download the needed software of interest that unlocking the iphone 5s. Click on to the install option proceeded by the confirm button, and then click on to the restart springboard button to complete the entire unlocking process. Thus to unlock iphone 5s is an easier and safer way if we use software program instead of SIM kit methods.

Easily Unlock Iphone 5 Cell Phones Using Factory Imei Unlocking

The most significant things to consider before engage in Unlock iPhone 5

Many users of the hottest mobile gadgets now like to select the most excellent services that give them lots of opportunities to utilize their favorite gadgets advantageously as planned. Many users of iphone 5 now take their time to give attention to unlock services with eagerness to get lots of advantages in the upcoming days. The best way to begin to Unlock iPhone 5 these days is to know about several issues involve in unlocking mobile gadgets. Many young people throughout the world do not like to use a restricted version of iphone 5. As a result, they feel affection of unlocking services that give the right support to them to steer clear of all restrictions beyond doubt. An unlocked iphone is a phone without a service contract to a cell phone service provider.
Individual want to know about both factory unlocked iphone and software unlocked iphone with the main objective to prefer the best option for their Unlock iPhone 5 requirements currently. This is because of their eagerness to add and remove programs outside of regulations of Apple. It is time to realize expectations on an easy way to make use of the hottest gadget favorably. A factory unlocked iphone is an unlocked phone from Apple. The main drawback of this gadget is the highest price without a SIM card inserted in it. Software unlocked iphone is an unlocked phone by the most reputable software. The main drawback of this approach is an incorrect unlocks service leads to damage the gadget on the whole.
The most outstanding software and the best professional iphone unlocking service never fail to unlock iPhone 5 these days. That is why people take their time to prefer the most reputable service to unlock iphone 5 at present. Users of unlocked iphone can switch carriers at any time they wish. As compared to engage in years of contract with a particular mobile service provider, this is worthwhile to unlock iphone 5 now to make use of all opportunities to save time and money. International roaming charges are no more. Yes, unlocked iphone services help people to avoid roaming fee. Many business travelers to foreign countries take advantage of this facility to avoid paying any of the international roaming rates at any time.
Even though several issues to keep in mind before Unlock iPhone 5 nowadays, users of iphone 5 have to avoid free or cheap quality software that attracts them to unlock their costly gadget. This is because of a high quality software only has the most excellent potential to give a complete support to unlock iphone efficiently. The right choice on a reliable solution supports people to stay away from all difficulties with unlocking iphone 5. This is advisable to choose an unlock service that suitable for all networks without doubt. This is because of any service that unlocks iphone 5 for specific networks not all provide all advantages of unlocked iphone 5 to users. Reasonable prices of unlock iphone 5 services from professionals support people to get the best upshot.

Apple Product Users: A guide to Owning a Phone

Telephone service providers have a way of binding you to their contracts in such a sweet way. You wonder why you are given such a wonderful device at such a low price. Well, the trick lies http://howtojailbreakiphone4s.com in the fact that you cannot use that same handset with another carrier. That is why, the first modification you do is to unlock it and allow it to use other service providers. Below are some tips how to achieve that.

‘ Safely unlock your phone

There are different ways to unlocking iPhone. The IOS behaves differently in that it accepts more than the original providers SIM card. It usually is not a physical act but a logical one that affects the phones software. We have numerous ways one can go about doing it, as long as they follow the given procedures that come with the applications they are using.

Once you have successfully unlocked your iPhone, you have the freedom to enjoy the numerous features from other providers that were not available in your initial provider. The performance of the device can be upgraded without having to pay higher fees.

‘ Enjoy new features

Most people who have unlocked iPhones devices confess that they were surprised at the amount of features they can enjoy. It also comes with the perks of being able to customize your phone as much as you want. Having the ability to access even third party vendors besides the apple store also opens up the technology world to you.

With the legality of phone unlocking not being questioned now, users can now explore everywhere and have more options to choose from when it comes to customizing their own devices. Some companies promise amazing unlocking tools which turn out to be fake. The best way to go through with it is factory unlocking. This is where you pay Apple to unlock your phone and the IMEI number of your device is stored on their database so that it would not be locked again. There are other unconventional ways of unlocking your iPhones. However, the limitation is that if you run updates on it, you risk having it locked again.

‘ What options do you have?

The internet has provided a wealth of information that you should put to use. If you use the search engines and search for ‘unlocking my iPhone’ you might come across the term ‘jailbreak’. However, they have similarities but also are different. Therefore, you should be careful on the procedures since some could be for jail breaking whereas you want to unlock. For unlocking, you can only change the mobile carrier but not the software you can run on your phone. For jailbreak, it offers you a backdoor access to the IOS and tweaks it to be able to run applications that are from third party vendors.

Research widely and read reviews about how to go about it. Check out the pros and cons before you go ahead with the unlocking. Be very careful with whom you trust to unlock iPhones devices or you end up losing your data and phone in the process.

Deciding whether to jailbreak or unlock iPhone 4S / 4 devices

For users looking to unlock or jailbreak their iPhone, automatic software is available HERE

Apple must be credited with the way in which its smartphones are looked and perceived by people on the streets. An iPhone has become a status symbol for the upwardly mobile and having an iPhone is a reassuring feeling for a high flying executive. However, despite bettering their own product with each successive offering, Apple has not been able to stop the tendency of unlocking which is one way of waging a rebellion against the policy of forcing a customer to continue to use the services of a particular cellular operator. Many thought that at least with iPhone 4S, arguably the best smartphone ever, there would be no talk of unlock. However, if one goes by the number of searches being made on Google and other search engines, iPhone 4S unlock is alive and kicking.

Jailbreaking vs Unlocking iPhones
Unlock is a process that opens the lock set by Apple on the software of your smartphone disabling it to work with the SIM of any carrier of your choice. Apple likes it to work only on the SIM of the carrier that provides customers with long time contracts. This way Apple is able to recover the real price of the gadget as it sells them at highly subsidized rates.

Carriers charge high tariffs from customers and pass on a monthly installment to Apple that is an amount that is adjusted against customer’s account. It is a clever ploy that is not wrong as long as customer pays the balance amount of the price of the device. However, to remain stuck with the carrier and continue to pay high tariffs even after the end of the contract period is beyond comprehension. And this is what unlocking iPhones seeks to rectify. Other than this, there is no way to move away from this clever scheme that takes out more from the wallets of the customer than they should really be paying to the carrier.

How to unlock your 4S/4 Cell phones:
Unlocking is not something that is esoteric or very mysterious. It is just a simple trick that makes some changes in the operating system of the iPhone so that it learns to work with the SIM cards of all carriers as against its insistence to work with the SIM of the carrier selling the contract. Apple of course does not approve of any third party tinkering with the operating system of its phones, and this is the reason why it has threatened to discontinue the warranty on software of the customers who try out this process.

You would be surprised to know that even you can connect your phone with a computer and attempt unlocking by introducing the changes in the iOS firmware version of the phone. However, this is not practical and not recommended unless you happen to be a tech geek. For most of those desirous of iPhone 4S unlock, it is suggested that they get a reliable tool from the internet and follow the instructions given out by the company to achieve learning how to unlock their iPhone 4S. Despite Apple having made the job much more difficult by introducing A5 chipset, there are still many ways to get the freedom from the tyranny of the carrier. Here is a step by step guide to achieve unlock for your iPhone 4S that you can try at home if you think you have the confidence to carry it out perfectly.

  • Step 1: Download software to unlock iphone 4 from a reputable source.
  • Step 2: Jailbreak your iPhone before attempting unlock
  • Step 3: Download Ultrasn0w tool visiting Cydia
  • Step 4: You need to go to Sources after clicking on Manage
  • Step 5: You will be asked to add a new source
  • Step 6: Type the address of repo666 when prompted
  • Step 7: This updates the sources on your iPhone
  • Step 8: Launch the firmware of Ultrsn0w that will unlock the phone
  • Step 9: Switch off the iPhone
  • Step 10: Reboot the iPhone and look for the signals of the new carrier
  • Step 11: Your device is now unlocked. Congratulations!

This might look like stating the obvious to some but you need to tread with caution while trying to achieve iPhone 4S unlock. You must also remember that performing an iPhone 4S jailbreak will update the phone’s baseband version which is permanent and can’t be undone. This is because many customers have earlier brought grave damage to the software of their phones by making errors in following the instructions of unlocking. One should try iPhone 4S unlock after getting down to a reputable and efficient company only.

Instructions For Redsn0w/Ultrasn0w Unlocking iPhone 4S/4

iPhone 4S unlock has become a buzzword these days because of obvious reasons. It is not that iPhone 4S is by any stretch of imagination any inferior phone. In fact, it has been described as the best smartphone ever with outstanding features and efficiency that is unmatched. Why then are more and more Phone 4 owners desperate to get unlocking solutions for such an amazing gadget? The answer lies in the savings that accrue in the form of lower tariff plans offered by carriers other than those that sell iPhone 4 on contracts.

There are other benefits too such as the freedom to download and install interesting applications from outside the app store. Though there are more than a hundred thousand apps in app store from Apple, it becomes irritating at times to be paying for every application that you make use of. Freedom to have themes and wallpapers from outside and the ability to customize the home screen as much as one desires also lures iPhone 4S to go for unlock.

Can You Unlock iPhone 4S/4?

There are thousands of iPhone owners desperately wanting to get away from the clutches of their present carriers. However, they are fearful of the consequences as if they are doing something illegal. Yes, it is a fact that Apple would obviously like you to continue with the present dispensation as it suits it monetarily, and it shows its displeasure by threatening its warranty null and void for all those customers who try to unlock their iPhones.

However, there is nothing that Apple can do now as DMA has announced that unlock is legal if the customer has already paid in full for the device and the software. You can go ahead with your plans of iPhone 4S unlock without any worries now if you have decided that you want something more from your phone and you also want to save on your hard earned money.

How to find the right iPhone 4S unlock tool
This is a million dollar question in the case if iPhone 4s though it was not all that important with earlier models of iPhones. This is because of a clever ploy on the part of Apple to prevent hackers from trying to tweak its iOS. Yes, if you are not aware, even the most seasoned of hackers have admitted to their inability in achieving a breakthrough in unlocking iPhone4S as they have not been able to decode the chipset called A5 that has been used by Apple in the processor of iPhone 4S.

gfxoasis.com - unlocking iphone 4s/4 phonesIf this news came as a dampener to your excitement, do not for a moment think that you cannot unlock your iPhone 4S. There still are many ways to achieve unlocking but the trick is to get to the right tool that is safe and reliable. Why I say this is because of innumerable instances where owners have got their expensive devices bricked as they made some error in following the instructions for unlock.

The following is a step by step instruction to help readers achieve unlock for their iPhone 4S using a tool from the internet. Keep in mind that this trick works only for AT&T subscribers.

Safe Steps To Jailbreak 4S/4 Phones:

  1. the emergency number of the carrier but drop the call in between
  2. Switch on the phone and place it in DFU mode
  3. Eject AT&T SIM and replace it with the SIM of a new carrier
  4.  See that even Wi-Fi is off to not allow the gadget to connect to the carrier on its own
  5. Phone searches for network and flashes error message
  6. Ignore this message that requires activation
  7. Switch off the iPhone after waiting for 10 seconds
  8. Reboot the phone and when you see a signal bar, click on find network
  9. Your iPhone 4S has been unlocked

Take your iPhone to the next level with jailbreaking/unlocking

As described above, there are not many reliable companies offering iPhone 4S unlock at present and it is better to seek the opinions of those who have successfully achieved unlock for their iPhone 4S. These people can be found on various forums on the internet letting others know about the method that is safe and reliable. It is always better to go for a software based method as it prevents any damage to your expensive iPhone. Also, paid method ensures you are not left alone to fend for yourself if you make a mistake.